Chocolate Crayons box of 8
Chocolate Crayons box of 8
Chocolate Crayons box of 8
Chocolate Crayons box of 8

Chocolate Crayons box of 8

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These chocolate crayons are an edible adventure in multiple colours and flavours. The crayons are purposeful and fun; one can draw on multiple surfaces like canvas, paper and chocolate on chocolate! 

The kit includes a silicone holder which is strongly suggested to be used when drawing to avoid any damage to the crayons or melting. The holder should be placed as close to the tip when drawing to keep the structure of the crayons intact. The kit comes with a canvas and edible rice paper.

The crayons come in 8 flavours, and just like any other chocolate product it should be kept in a cool environment.

The products are handmade in Singapore and is suitable for all ages.

Dulce de Leche
Green Mango

チョコレートクレヨン8個入り Chocolate Crayon Box of 40


ドルチェドゥレッチェ Dulce de Leche

パッションフルーツ Passionfruit

オレンジ Orange 

いちご Strawberry

グリーンマンゴー Green Mango

ペッパーミント Peppermint

ぶどう Grape

スモーク Smoked 


賞味期限:8ヶ月 Shelf Life: 8 Months

ボックスサイズ (Sleeve)450 x 303 x 44mm (Box)399 x 304 x 38mm

箱重量 Weight of Packaging: 1420g 

アイテム重量 Weight of Item: 1865g

Barcode: 8881304592918