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Chocolate Bon Bons

See how Janice Wong's hand painted chocolate bon bons are made

"Your World is Your Imagination"

Set to inspire, discover, awaken old memories and create new ones. There is no limit to creativity. This is my philosophy.

~ Janice Wong ~

Pure Imagination

Bean to Bar Chocolates

Pure Imagination is a small-batch,
bean-to-bar chocolate-focused concept. Embark on a journey with us as we
explore every step of its journey to become the beautiful bar you are sure to


If you’re interested to learn more about
how a cacao pod transforms into a bar of chocolate, do consider attending our Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Journey Workshop.

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Growing Cacao In Singapore

Janice Wong hopes to transform Singapore
into a country renowned for artisanal chocolate with her cacao tree planting initiative.

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