Best Ways to Enjoy Janice Wong’s Bean-to-Bar Chocolates

Best Ways to Enjoy Janice Wong’s Bean-to-Bar Chocolates

Bean-to-bar chocolates have revolutionised the way we perceive and savour chocolate. This artisanal approach ensures that every step of the chocolate-making process, from the selection of cocoa beans to the final bar, is meticulously controlled to produce superior-quality chocolate.
For chocolate aficionados and newcomers alike, there are numerous ways to fully appreciate the complex flavours and textures of Janice Wong's bean-to-bar chocolates. Here are some of the best ways to enjoy these exquisite creations.

1. Creating a Chocolate Charcuterie Board
A chocolate charcuterie board is an elegant and indulgent way to enjoy bean-to-bar chocolates. Here’s how to craft a delightful board:

Selecting the Chocolates
Choose a variety of our single origin bean-to-bar chocolates to showcase different flavours and textures. Include:

  • Dark Chocolate: Opt for different percentages of cocoa, such as 70% and 81%, to experience a range of bitterness and depth.
  • Milk Chocolate: Select creamy and rich milk chocolates with varying cocoa contents.

Complementary Items
Enhance the tasting experience with complementary items:

  • Fruits: Fresh berries, orange slices, and dried fruits like figs and apricots.
  • Nuts: Almonds, hazelnuts, and pecans, either raw or lightly roasted.
  • Cheeses: Soft cheeses like brie and mascarpone, or stronger options like blue cheese.
  • Biscuits and Crackers: Include buttery biscuits, graham crackers, and shortbread for texture variety.

Arrange the chocolates and complementary items on a wooden or marble board. Alternate colours and textures to create visual interest, and use small bowls for nuts and dried fruits. Garnish with edible flowers or fresh herbs for an extra touch of elegance.

2. Pairing with Tea
Tea and chocolate can create harmonious pairings that enhance the flavours of both. Here's how to pair bean-to-bar chocolates with different types of tea:

Black Tea
Robust black teas like our Enchanted Forest (Smokey Black Tea with Forest Berries and Lemon) and Bergamot Bliss (Mountain Black Tea with Bergamot and Blue Flower) pair well with dark chocolates. The boldness of black tea complements the intensity of high-cocoa dark chocolates, balancing bitterness with the tea's rich, malty flavours.

White Tea
White teas such as our Harvest Spring (White Tea with WIldflowers and Eucalyptus) pair exceptionally well with bean-to-bar chocolate, especially lighter varieties such as milk chocolate. This pairing creates a balanced and refreshing experience, where the mild astringency of the white tea complements the smooth texture and sweet undertones of the chocolate, making each bite and sip more delightful.

Oolong Tea
Oolong tea, with its floral and fruity notes, pairs excellently with both dark and milk chocolates. Opt for our Almond Blossoms (Flora Oolong with Vanilla and Almonds) and Sunshine Serenade (Four Season Oolong with Mangoes and Sunflowers), which are complex and can complement a range of chocolate flavours.

3. Pairing with Alcohol
Pairing bean-to-bar chocolates with alcohol can elevate the tasting experience. Here are some classic pairings:

Red Wine
Full-bodied red wines pair well with dark chocolates. The tannins in red wine complement the bitterness of dark chocolate, while fruity notes enhance its depth.

Champagne or sparkling wine pairs wonderfully with white chocolate and lighter milk chocolates. The bubbles and acidity of champagne cleanse the palate, allowing the chocolate's flavours to shine.

Rich, smoky whiskeys pair excellently with dark chocolates. The complexity of the whiskey complements the intensity of dark chocolate, creating a sophisticated pairing.

4. Cooking and Baking
Using bean-to-bar chocolates in cooking and baking can transform ordinary recipes into extraordinary creations. Here are some ideas:

Chocolate Fondue
Melt bean-to-bar chocolates for a luxurious chocolate fondue. Serve with fresh fruits, marshmallows, and biscuits for dipping. The high-quality chocolate will ensure a smooth and rich fondue experience.

Incorporate bean-to-bar chocolates into baked goods like brownies, cookies, and cakes. The superior quality of these chocolates will elevate the flavour and texture of your desserts, making them truly special.

Hot Chocolate
Make a decadent hot chocolate by melting bean-to-bar chocolate into hot milk or a non-dairy alternative. Add a pinch of cinnamon or chilli powder for a unique twist. The rich and complex flavours of bean-to-bar chocolate will create an indulgent drink.

5. Chocolate Tasting
Hosting a chocolate tasting is a fantastic way to explore the nuances of bean-to-bar chocolates. Here’s how to conduct a tasting:


  • Choose a Variety: Select chocolates with different cocoa percentages and origins.
  • Set the Scene: Create a comfortable and quiet environment for tasting.

Tasting Process

  • Observe: Look at the chocolate’s colour and texture.
  • Smell: Inhale the aroma to detect different scent notes.
  • Taste: Break a piece and let it melt on your tongue, noting the flavour profile, texture, and finish.


Encourage participants to take notes on their observations and preferences. This practice enhances appreciation and understanding of the complexities of bean-to-bar chocolates.

Bean-to-bar chocolates offer an unparalleled chocolate experience, crafted with care and precision to highlight the unique flavours of the cocoa bean. Whether you're creating a luxurious chocolate charcuterie board, pairing chocolate with tea or alcohol, using it in cooking and baking, or hosting a chocolate tasting, there are myriad ways to enjoy these artisanal delights. Embrace the adventure of exploring bean-to-bar chocolates and savour the rich, complex flavours they have to offer.

If you’re looking to buy bean-to-bar chocolates, chocolate bon bons, gift hampers, or birthday cakes online, browse Janice Wong’s full catalogue today. Reach out to us for more information.

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