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Chocolate Mooncakes (Box of 8)

Chocolate Mooncakes (Box of 8)

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Janice Wong Signature Chocolate Mooncakes inspired by childhood flavours.

Each of these mooncakes are enrobed in chocolate with a layer of chocolate sponge and chocolate ganache that comes in familiar flavours of vanilla biscoff, salted pecan dark chocolate, peanut butter snickers and coffee chocolate each marked by intricate hand-dripped paint

Signature Chocolate Mooncake lantern box comes in a set of eight chocolate mooncakes, featuring two of each flavour, packed in a sustainable, reusable lantern packaging

Allergens: Milk, Soy, Tree Nuts, Cereal and Peanuts. 

Shelf life: 2 months (Frozen) or refrigerate for 5 days after opening 

Dimensions & Weight of Box: 19.8cm (D) x 36cm (H) - (1550g)
Weight of Filled Box: 2000g
Dimension & Weight Per Mooncake : 4.5cm X 2.5cm / 50g

Storage Conditions: Must be kept frozen or refrigerated at all times.